• Are you a do-it-yourself type of person, who wants to build a greenhouse?

  • Are you searching for an more attactive alternative to a PVC hoop greenhouse or cold frame?

  • Do you want to get an early start on your vegetable garden?

  • Do you need to protect your temperature-sensitive plants from frost?

  • Do you live in an area with a short growing season?

  • Are you looking for an affordable option for your own Greenhouse?

  • Are you considering buying a Greenhouse Kit?

Then the Sliding Greenhouse is for you!

Welcome To The Sliding Greenhouse
What Is A "Sliding Greenhouse?"

The Sliding Greenhouse is a unique blend of a raised garden bed and a greenhouse; consisting of two separate greenhouse sections, which sit on top of a 4' x 8' raised garden bed.

  Each greenhouse section can be pulled out to extend beyond the end
of the raised bed in warm weather
or pushed together as a closed unit
to protect plants on cold nights.

Introductory Price
ONLY $19.95
First 100 Customers
(Regular $24.95)
Receive the Greenhouse Plans,
Step-By-Step Illustrated Construction Guide
& Complete Materials List.

Buy It NOW!

With a Sliding Greenhouse,
you can start your tomatoes and green peppers early and protect your plants into late fall. 
Save time and avoid transplant shock
when you plant seedlings directly into the
Sliding Greenhouse in spring.

Cover and uncover temperature sensitive plants in seconds without tarps or blankets!